Frontrights is a french NGO. Frontrights has been founded to enable migrants, victims of human rights violations in the mediterraneen bassin, to refer to the appropriate administration and bring their case to domestic, european or international courts in order to identify perpetrators’ responsabilities and seek for reparation

border crossings reported by Frontex for the Eastern Mediterranean route (2020 report) Source IOM
deaths have been registered since 2014, by the International Organization for Migration. Source: IOM
migrant have died or disappeared since 2000 (worldwide). Source: IOM


Our mission is to represent migrants, victims of international crimes  before the competent administrative and judicial administrations and courts at domestic, european and international level.

FrontRights is convinced that we must put an end to violations of the fundamental rights of migrants,

  • human rights, the rule of law and democracy must together remain the pillars of the protection of fundamental freedoms,
  • it is necessary to identify  people gone missing at sea,
  • It is essential to investigate the responsibility of the perpetrators of human rights violations,
  • migrants must be able to claim reparations for the crimes and prejudices they have been through
  • official development assistance cannot be a tool in the fight against migration and in particulier through a policy of militarization of borders.


Fight for justice

Identifying and prosecuting perpetrators of international crimes and violations of migrants’ human rights


Frontrights has a status of NGO and can therefore benefit from institutional and private funds.

Frontrights is run by an advisory board and work in very closed partnership with lawyers secialized in migration law and jurists.

FrontRights currently handles two projects
  • Systematize and scale up victims’ complaints / request for reparation before domestic, European and international courts
  • Communication to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court regarding the situation of foreigners in Libya and crossing the Mediterranean sea.



Raphaële GASSER


Fight for justice

Several non-governmental organizations and law firms are currently working to defend the interests of migrants in the Mediterranean basin.


Frontrights works in partnership with investigative organizations and human rights protection centers, to document human rights violations committed against migrants in the Mediterranean basin and to seek redress in the interests of victims by :
  • Developing investigative programs on human rights violations committed against migrants in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Organizing the defense of their interests before domestic courts, Spain,  Italy, Malta and Greece in particular.
  • Generating awarness and relevant information about human rights violations committed in the context of migration policies.